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This project was an assignment to create or recreate a title sequence for a show or film while largely adhering to the property's established brand design, creating some social media-formatted animations to go along with the main title design. Innovating in places where we felt the connection to the brand was lacking. This was a collaborative project between Desmond Du, Katherine Monday, Grainger Eltringham, Lauren Kittle, and myself for the TV series Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The major theme we latched onto was the very biblical nature of the series and all its allegories. Everything about Neon Genesis Evangelion has that kind of grandeur you'd find in the Bible, and its themes of Angel's and God are exceedingly present in the show itself. Apart from that, though, it's a show about giant robots fighting monsters with cool future-tech stuff, so we obviously wanted to represent that cool future-tech stuff as well. 


Experimentation with mediums was a huge key to this project for us. We spent a lot of time exploring new software such as Mandelbulb for the fractal design seen at the end of the sequence, but one medium that drew us immediately was using microscope footage to get some really intricate and abstract designs and texturing options for this project. The microscope footage was, for us, a way to look at organic and natural objects in a scientific and scrutinizing way, which was perfect for the themes we were working with.

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