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This project was our solution to an assignment on creating a recognizable identity for a brand of our choosing. This was a collaborative project between Desmond Du, Katherine Monday, Grainger Eltringham, and myself for Herman Miller, the furniture design firm.

Through the use of very light and vibrant colors, we aimed to produce a feeling of universal relevance for HM's designs. Herman Miller's purpose is to provide an experience with their furniture in response to the surrounding environment - be it a standard office space, a hospital, or a school! And through the isometric perspective, with some inspiration from Escher-esque designs like Monument Valley, we created a "world" that highlights how versatile HM's designs are.

Above all else, though, Herman Miller tends to design for utopia, and we aimed to show that utopia through the use of our reductive modern aesthetic style, and visualize the perfection in versatility Herman Miller strives to achieve.

As the essence of this class was Multiplatform Branding, our team also created versions of our ident for both 1:1 and 9:16 ratios as well.

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