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"The story of a boy with a wild imagination is met to face the harsh realities of life."

I collaborated with my friend Jack Steadson on this short. The main purpose of this project was to get our bearings with Redshift for Cinema 4D, so we really just wanted to have some fun creating a nonsensical-type narrative while we could.

What we came up with was a story that plays on a child's perception of consequences. When you're a kid, and a parent or adult says something along the lines of, "Don't do ______, or else," the scenarios your kid brain can conjure up of the things that could happen if you disobey can be pretty crazy. And that, even if you manage to avoid all these consequences, it may not even matter.

Using a plasticine texture to make everything feel very organic and "play-doh-y", we went along with every "error" that this style brought about – we felt it added to the hilarity and ridiculousness even further. And what resulted was this surreal, off-kilter, kind-of-morbid thing that, at its core, was just the culmination of artists making something fun.


Design & Animation - Jack Steadson & Zach Hixon

Script: Zach Hixon

VA: Jack Steadson

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